French Kitchen #005 V.A – 5 years of Cocobeach


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Name : FK 005
Release Date : June 2015

Description  : French Kitchen A&R is proud and excited to announce its next release, a Various Artists EP of the label aimed to celebrate the Fifth Anniversary of its famous Cocobeach Party, outdoor crazy events on Sundays during summer season in Paris since 2010.

This time a little bit more ‘House Music oriented’, the compilation is a fine selection of 8 tracks of friends and actors of Cocobeach Party since already a long time such as Christian Burkhardt, Sable Sheep, Chris Lattner, … and residents like SuCré SaLé, Jay Call. A little foretaste of what your Sunday afternoon could be at this little French Kitchen Garden of Eden.

Discover the preview of this compilation and let yourself go with the delights of Summer electronic music recipes!



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