Adolpho & Franky

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LABELS  Fantastic Friends, La Ruche, French Kitchen

BIOGRAPHY  Swiss – German, Lausanne based DJ and producer Fabien Gehrig has grown up in Morges, small town on the shoreline of Geneva’s lake in Switzerland with nothing really happening around him. He decided then to focus on art and started his graphic-design studies at the ECAL (Lausanne). There he met Thibault and Emilie, with who he created Das Hutwerk in 2010. A trio exploring DJing, VJing and party-making. After one year welcoming the hottest names with their monthly event « Our beloved Ruche », they started touring around Europe. Especially in Berlin where they have been playing many times at the Berghain Kantine, Arena club, the legendary Bar25, the Golden-Gate madness after-hour, … Their reputation following, they made quite a name and started playing in many other capitals such as Paris, London, Stockholm, Zürich, … Three years later, it was time for them to take different paths. Fabien took a head dive into the pulsating club scene and met Ramon Lorenzo. Ramon Lorenzo is one of the owner and heads of « La Ruche » and at 40 years is an old night owl. He is djing since 1992 and has been contributing to the underground scene for 20 years now with more than 10 productions under his name. At the start he was influenced by the hip-hop world and drifted slowly to garage music and New-York House. He’s a music lover who has spent most of his life amassing a huge collection of « 7000 » vinyls including techno, jazz and funk music. Together they decided to join forces and play under the name « Adolpho & Franky ». The outcome is a smart, energetic and concrete style that makes people stay firmly on the dance floor. Their twisted and rock’n’roll vibe took them already to the infamous Watergate (Berlin), Hive (Zürich), Le Pigallion (Paris), Badaboum (Paris), Amnesia (Milano), Sankeys (Ibiza), … Adolpho & Franky are known to entertain their guests. Everything they do is part of the show! Or as they want you to believe. Nobody knows the truth.


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